A cat cafè  - MiaGola Caffè

The bizarre idea that drove the project of MiaGola Caffè - Italy's first cat café - has always been to create a home. A shelter for the six cats living here, for people who love cats and also for those who need to spend some quality time in a peaceful environment. Because basically, as designers and cat lovers, that's what we wanted for the client: to create a quality venue with attitude, but also a peaceful oasis, simple and intimate. Not a posh bar, but with a clear aesthetic concept: a delicate space where cats are the main characters and the venue is a nice custom-tailored scenery. It was the only way we could recreate the fresh feeling of an environment where everybody can feel at home. That is how MiaGola Caffè was born, from the ashes of the first fast food opened in town in the Eighties, through a metamorphosis that reinterprets the venue's history and transforms it in a home with its own kitchen, studio, private rooms and a dining room where patrons can chat - or meow.

A cat cafè 
MiaGola Caffè

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Concept design, development technical design, tender documentation, construction to han-over, plant design, building and safety coordination

Info Arch. Cristina Bardelli
Photo © Andrea Rizzolio

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