A new restaurant in a old carpentry  shop

An abandoned artisanal building in the town centre of Mondovì (CN), refurbished while keeping its original features and adding value to the peculiar structure. The courtyard and the external covering, showcasing the typical materials and layouts of the early-1900s industrial facilities, become an evocative exposition on the historic ramparts of the old town centre. The inner spaces take advantage of the light given by the double-height and, by playing with colours and patterns, they find the perfect bond between the building's original identity and the restaurant's captivating brand. The inner courtyard offers a peaceful environment, a secluded open-air living area, with a little garden at its heart, considering every small detail of lighting and proportions. The kitchen, open but discreet, takes the lead and, from its central position, enlivens the inner spaces. With its overall simplicity and sobriety, the project has achieved a perfect balance between cosiness and youthfulness, often through a contrast with the historical context of the old town centre. A new venue for an old town, with a push towards the future.

A new restaurant in a old carpentry shop

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