(R)evolution of everyday space

WAU is a professionals group dealing with architecture and design. We create new solutions to improve the places where people live. We use creativity, passion and professionalism as tools to achieve high quality results.


Cristina Bardelli

Architectural restoration. Valorisation of the historical building heritage. Interior design

Marco Mancuso

Urban regeneration and bioclimatic design. Retail Design, events, installations and sets

Paolo Massa Bova Bovat

Environmental adn landscape design. Strategic planning for local development. Public tenders

Paolo Nomis

Project and construction management.
Site supervision.
Safety coordinator


Arch. Paolo Perotti
Arch. Gabriella Nadalin
Arch. Gabriele Castellano
Arch. Alessandra Gastaldi

Arch. Guido Corino
Arch. Erica Meneghin
Desiree Buccheri
Geom. Cristiano Galante

Eleonora Merolla
Blandine Minot
Giulia Nomis                          
Arch. Sara Sabia

Eng. Luca Giacosa
Eng. Gianluigi Mugheddu
Eng. Giuseppe Maurici

We work as a team, each with a precise task.
We believe the measure of a group's strength is their ability to exploit the diversities - in style, approach, opinion - towards a common goal which is always more important than the single parts of the project.

Our working scenario is the urban space.
This is the reference for all our projects: from enhancing the landscape to building new structures, from renovating existing buildings to conceiving objects and decors, to web design and graphics.

We are always at our client's side, with no exceptions.
WAU is the solutions for those who are in search of a partner to follow and lead their ideas, until their final realization. Either a small task or a huge assignment, we follow every project with the same care

Studio Gipi.
Studio GIPI is the starting point for all of us. For years we have been searching for the best way to realize our projects together.
"Because there is one way of doing things, or a thousand others." Arch. Paolo Perotti

Via Po 1 Torino – IT
Via R. Montecuccoli 11 Roma – IT
Fulham Broadway London - UK
Tel. (+39) 011 8127237