Euopan 2015 Dacka
Un modello di espansione insediativa

This four-dimensional spatial device (tree dimension plus time dimension) is an alternative way of living, a space in between two parks: one on the ground of old oil tanks, which has been given a new life and accessibility, and the one of green areas upon them, the housings’ gardens, an aerial garden. We are advocating a new building approach, based on theoretical discussion and on new efficient contemporary technologies that can provide a comfortable and performative envelope for responsible citizens of the future. A place where different social patterns may occur, and where they will meet with different environmental patterns. Time, the fourth dimension is a relevant component of this design approach. The search of a system that allows change and growth, and even decrease, is the main task of our design proposal. This light grid structure might be built, filled with housing units, or dismantled with a minimum environmental or economical cost. Therefore, this spatial structure is flexible in itself and in the way it is “in-filled” with different modules with different functions, whether public or not, and in the way they are aggregated and configured. Starting from a unit, a dense, complex and contemporary city is planned.

Europan 2015 - Dacka
The intellectual grid is in your head

Urban planning, concept

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