Pennyblack Store - Milan

The store's set-up and graphic project represents a contemporary take on Botticelli's Primavera. The picture features several scenic levels overlapping: this is the interpretation key chosen for the project in order to have a seasonal revisitation of the collections' set-up. A bright backdrop recalls the sky, an urban forest of stylised trees and small hanging fruits becomes the expression of one multidimensional scenario. The mannequins in Botticellian position, caught in the act of picking colourful fruits and bright flowers, suspended over the scene, give an ironic interpretation of the contemporary woman's independence and desires.

Pennyblack Store Milano

Concept design, brand design

Info  Arch. Marco Mancuso

Via Po 1 Torino – IT
Via R. Montecuccoli 11 Roma – IT
Fulham Broadway London - UK
Tel. (+39) 011 8127237