WAU tackles everyday space by carrying out small revolutions, yet able to deeply modify its quality. Our goal is to create better environments where our clients can live and work, by stirring new energy.

We always work with the utmost respect for the context and the history of people and spaces. Every project begins with a research and analysis phase, in order to build the knowledge basis the intervention will start from.

We yearn for proposing only high quality solutions. Our architecture, design and communication projects are never just an academic exercise, but are always aimed at satisfying the customer's needs.


WAU puts persons at the centre of the imaginative and realizational process. We work to make our clients' projects come true, through architectural and creative solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality and innovation.

We believe that dialog is fundamental to shape the ideas. Our different skills are at our customers' disposal, through a constant confrontation that follows all the project plan, from the first draft to the final realization.

The incessant research is for WAU the fundamental requirement to offer the client sustainable, high-level solution, always up with the latest innovations in technology, energy and performance.


We can work alongside private clients, companies and public institutions to realize a wide array of interventions regarding architecture. In each task, WAU's commitment is to be always the only interlocutor with the client.

Our main services include:
• interior design
• interior architecture
• light design
• space planning
• complete renovation and decoration
• project co-ordination
• artwork and accessories

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